Sermons by Pastor Nicholas Seeberger


Beyond: Why Prayer (3/10/19)

Speaker: | March 14, 2019

James 5:16 Introduction   Does praying really matter?  Does it make a difference? What does the  phrase “image of God” mean? (Genesis 1:27)  In ancient near east culture, those who created statues (idols) believed that...


Patience – Jim/Class 16 (2/10/2019)

Speaker: | February 14, 2019

James 5:7-12 Introduction Our culture is anything but patient- producing. What is patience? Two terms:  v.7  “longsuffering” v.10-11 “perserverance” (to “hyper-stand”) Patience is not giving up or giving in.  It is to be a standing-man/woman....


L.O.M. – Jim/Class 14 (1/27/2019)

Speaker: | January 29, 2019

James 2:14-17,5:1-6 Introduction Q: What does it really mean to believe something? A: It is our behavior that reveals what we actually believe. Three Levels of Belief What I claim to believe  (creed) What I...


FAVS – Jim/Class 13 (1/20/2019)

Speaker: | January 29, 2019

James 1:27-2:6 Introduction James talks about people who were thought as being weak. But they are becoming strong through their faith in God. We tend to believe that having lots of money is the secret...


Peace – Christmas 2018 (12/2/18)

Speaker: | December 12, 2018

Isaiah 9:1-7 Introduction If there is anything that the world needs this Christmas – it’s peace. Shalom is not just the absence of war.  It’s the presence of harmony, wholeness, and wellness for all people,...


Fight Club – Jim/Class 11 (11/4/18)

Speaker: | November 06, 2018

James 4:1-10 Introduction The men fight against everything their lives have become, and fight against their fears. — Chuck Palahniuk,The Fight Club Each of us has a civil war going on within. What we don’t...